Picture yourself

Picture yourself capturing the moment and taking exceptional photographs of family parties, sporting events, or holiday celebrations. "Picture Yourself Getting the Most Out of Your Digital SLR Camera: Step-by-Step Instruction for Taking Great Photographs of Your World" shows you how to maximize your digital SLR camera and will get you from simply taking pictures, to creating outstanding photos to display and share. This book teaches the essential skills new digital SLR owners need, including exposure, lighting, proper focus, using flash, capturing action, and composition, with each chapter focusing on a specific topic and skill. You'll even learn how to create photo essays so you can truly capture the story of a special event or moment. The book also covers how to edit, process, print, and share your pictures through digital photo albums and slideshows. And unlike other books, "Picture Yourself Getting the Most Out of Your Digital SLR Camera" teaches these skills in the real-world settings that you will use them in, whether you're documenting the first day of school or your annual summer vacation. You can work your way through the book from start to finish or pick and choose the topics that interest you. Either way, you'll discover how to get the most out of your digital SLR camera!

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